Sunday, April 29, 2012

Let Me Count the Ways

By Julie Sines

In a day and age where gas and groceries, not to mention hay and grain, are high priced, why would anyone want llamas? Have any of you experienced that question from people who know you lately? I have. It stops and makes you really think about why you do have them and why you put your extra hard-earned cash towards them. When asked the question of why llamas are so important in my life, I say, "Let me count the ways of why I love them...“ See if any of these ways ring true in your life too:

Their eyes - I'm not sure there is any species on the earth that has the eyes and eyelashes of a llama. When you gaze into them it is like looking into their inner souls. After a hard day at work, I love nothing better than to catch one of my minis and look her right in the eyes. The gentleness and calmness in them just soothes all the aches in my shoulder and makes my world right.

Their Hums - Standing among my girls during feeding time and listening to them communicating to each other is a real treat. I think because they are so silent most of the time, it makes me really stop and listen to them and take heart. It's just another way my minis speak to my soul.

Their Fiber - There is nothing like giving a hug to a walking sweater. I especially enjoy this in the dead of winter when it is so cold out. Nothing makes my heart warmer than a huge hug from one of my heavy-wooled minis.

Their Friendship - Can anything be more special than a majestic creature coming into our space to say hi? Or how about that llama that you bought who was standoffish and suddenly one day he decided to trust you? Even if nothing in your life is going right, that one gesture of trust can make your day seem a little bit brighter.

Their Presence - Llamas are not arrogant, but have a confidence in life. Whether they are walking in their pasture or into a show ring, they seem to know there is something special about them and they need to be noticed. It is one of my very favorite attributes about my minis. I call it their "star quality."

I hope my list rings true in your own experience with llamas. Each and every one of us that owns llamas will all have that "something special" we love about them the most. If the poor economy has you feeling down and you start to wonder why you are feeding the hungry mouths out in your pasture, just go out and stand among your llamas. They'll have you counting the ways you love them!

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