Friday, April 6, 2012

Routine Care & Maintenance for Llamas and Alpacas, Deworming

Taken from "Ask The Herdsman" by Hank Kauffman, Llama Banner Vol 15, No. 2

 (Ed. Note: Apologies to alpacas for the double "l". These recommendations are for both llamas and alpacas.)

There are many kinds of wormers, with some being more effective for llamas than others. The dosages and frequencies have changed over the years as more research has been done on llamas. Although most wormers have not been specifically approved for llamas, they have imperially been shown to be safe and effective.

Ivomectin Dosage is lcc per 66 lbs.

This is a wormer that is available as an injectable, oral or pour-on, but the pour-on tends to burn the skin and does not appear to be effective in llamas. The injection lasts longer than the oral application. Ivomectin is effective for most worms including preventing meningeal, but not for tapeworms. It, along with Dectromax, is also effective in treating sucking lice.

Ivomectin Gold Not Recommended

It’s a relatively new medication that is labeled to work for tapeworm in horses, but is unknown for the treatment of llamas.

Dectromax 1cc per 66 lbs

Dectromax is a newer medication that is similar to Ivomectin. It is more comfortable (less painful) for the llama as an injection and lasts a full 45 days. This is the injection of choice for the prevention of meningeal worm. Dectromax is not effective for tapeworms.

Safeguard/Panacur 10cc per 100lbs

This wormer is safe & effective on almost all worms including tapeworm. It is the medicine of choice for treating a confirmed case of meningeal worm.

Valbazen 4cc per 100 lbs

Valbazen is a very effective broad scope oral llama wormer including tapeworms. This and Synathic are the only two medications proven effective for tapeworm in llamas. Do not use in pregnant llamas in the first 2 or last 3 months of pregnancy. (Ed. Note: I have been told to never use it in pregnant females.)

Synanthic 2.5cc per 110 lbs.

This is another broad scope oral wormer that is one of the two along with Valbazen that is effective for tapeworms in llamas. We have found this wormer to be effective in difficult llama worm cases. Synanthic is not recommended for use the last 3 months of pregnancy.

Strongid (Pyrental)

Pyrental is effective for round worms but is rarely used in llamas.

Strongid C 1oz per 165 lbs

Here we have a preventative wormer that is mixed with the daily feed. However, the llama must be completely worm-free for this wormer to work. We seldom see it used in llamas.

Corid (Amprolinm) 1cc per 20 lbs for 5 days, 0.5cc for the rest

Corid is the medicine of choice for coccidia. This is a liquid oral medication. The treatment is to be continued for 3 30 days or until the diarrhea is no longer evident.
Parasite control is an on going problem on most llama farms. The biggest contributing factor is the fact that most llama farms are hobby farms and thus, there are too many llamas per acre. A periodic and routine worming program along with good pasture management goes a long way toward reducing the problem and maintaining good herd health.

(Ed. Note: Treatment and prevention vary according to the farm. Always consult your veterinarian.)