Friday, April 6, 2012

Meningeal Worm Alert

By Lindsay Chandler

Are you treating for the prevention of Meningeal worm?? In my travels, I've discovered more & more folks are not! So.... here are the basics.

Meningeal worm is a parasite of the white tail deer. When it gets into a llama or alpaca, it can cause paralysis leading to death. It is preventable by a strict routine of Ivomectin every 3-4 weeks or dectomax every 45 days. The dosage is 1cc per 70 lbs injected into the llama. Pour on does not work. Symptoms of meningeal begin as a weakness in the hindquarters. If you see any strangeness in the hind end, treat for meningeal first, then look for alternatives such as injury. Treatment is cheap, and you can't overdose. I've been told a few different routines of treatment, but most are similar, just varying on the days not the dosage.

3x the dosage of Ivomectin for 5 days.
3x the dosage of panacur for 5 days (some vets alternate the days btw panacur & Ivomectin)
Banimine for pain and swelling
DMSO to get the dewormer into the llama’s system quickly.

Contact your veterinarian; keep a supply of panacur, Ivomectin and banimine on hand.

ALERT: Generally, we've all assumed that once the ground freezes, that the llamas are safe.... Not Anymore!! I've heard of 4 cases in Maine in February and a possible 1 in January in VT. I for one will be continuing prevention through the winter. 

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